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Do you love horse racing, but are tired of losing tickets?

It’s become harder and harder to win in horse racing!

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Mike Shutty

Dear Racing Fan,

I don’t have to tell you that it’s become harder and harder to win at the races.  And I’m just talking about cashing some nice tickets on the races.  It seems the entire system is working against you, preventing you from making money at the track.

Here are just a few of the problems why the game has become harder and harder to win: 

Why Winning is Harder than Ever… 

  • High Takeout
  • Short fields, so you have to play Tris, Supers and other exotic wagers which are hard to win
  • Computer players and late-changing odds 
  • Horses off layoffs as trainers race less and less
  • Longshots out of nowhere messing up your Trifectas, Supers and Pick 4’s


Unfortunately, these problems are here to stay, and are only going to get worse… 


That is why I created the Super Screener!

After years of ripping-up tickets and frustration, I knew there had to be secrets that could be unlocked.

I began an intense analysis of result charts and past performances going back more than 20 years and looking at over 300 horses to develop a system I could use – every year – to help me handicap and bet the Kentucky Derby with confidence. 

I began to notice patterns amongst winners, board-hitters and longshots – and used these findings to develop a system now known as Kentucky Derby Super Screener.  After years of success betting the Derby, the Preakness, Belmont and Breeders’ Cup, our readers kept asking for more!

Four years ago, the Weekly Super Screener – focusing on the best stakes each weekend – was born!

2019 Breeders' Cup Super Screener

Awesome Job Superscreener!! I hit the $1 Trifecta and Superfecta based on your info on the Belmont for a total of $11,664.00! One of my biggest hits of all time!! You guys are Awesome!!
Mike D., Cranston, RI

Super Screener readers have made a lot of money…

Nearly $2,500 PROFIT on Breeders’ Cup Saturday


  • TOP PICK Winners in 3 of last 4 races: DISTAFF – MILE – CLASSIC


What is the Super Screener?

  • A proven system – based on years of analysis and results – to narrow down fields
  • Shows you what’s important – and what’s not – when handicapping the showcase graded stakes races
  • Reveals the bad favorites – who to use and who to toss
  • Tells you who the pretenders are so you can instantly lower the cost of your wagers
  • Uncovers the live longshots you can use to boost payoffs up to 10x

Why This Works: The Old Rules Don’t Apply!

My research showed me what variables actually count – and which ones don’t – when it comes to finding the winners of big stakes, including…

  • Why the famous rules like “don’t bet on a horse off a layoff” no longer work – but what does instead
  • What it takes for a horse to overcome a bad post (Big Brown won from post 20 as a Super Screener key in 2008)
  • Why the “final race time” qualifiers carry little meaning 

The old rules are debunked year after year, and now is the time for you to stop ripping and start cashing with your copy of the Super Screener Weekly…


Belmont Stakes

“I’ve been a Super Screener buyer for years …


Bill R., Houston, TX


Kentucky Derby


Travers – Scored with Then-Unknown ARROGATE as TOP PICK

Derby Prep: Nearly $10,000 in CASHED Tickets!

Read over 20 comments from winners who crushed the Triple Crown & Breeders’ Cup!

“Mike, I purchased the Derby Super Screener this year for myself and 4 other co-workers. With the help of the screener along with some independent handicapping we hit the 1.00 superfecta at OBS in Ocala, Fl. Biggest win for any of us ever!”
Denny A., Pine Ridge, FL

The Super Screener Weekly includes …

Get The Advantage –

Wagering Strategies and Recommended Tickets

Each week, I’ll send you my exact wagering strategies on the Friday before the races including plays for small and large bankrolls! I will take what the Super Screener criteria says and construct Exacta, Trifecta and Superfecta tickets based on the information.

How Much Is It Worth?

How much is the Super Screener worth? Imagine having access to information that will guide you to the horses most likely to win, hit the board and create big payoffs. With a little luck, one winning ticket from the Super Screener and it’ll pay for itself…

How Much Does It Cost?

Here’s a summary of what you’ll receive EVERY WEEK…

  • Super Screener Weekly Stakes Picks
  • Wagering Strategies & Tickets
  • Trusted Horse-by-Horse Analysis
  • Predicted Pace Setup
  • Live Longshots
  • Vulnerable Favorites


Our Satisfaction Guarantee

As part of your purchase, you will receive access to our exclusive Super Screener wagering strategy including tickets customized to a wide variety of budgets. If all of those wagers miss, then we’ll give you a free copy of the next weekend’s Super Screener Weekly absolutely free!