SALES PAGE - 2012 Kentucky Derby Super Screener - Super Screener
Super Screener

SALES PAGE – 2012 Kentucky Derby Super Screener

[headline_cufon_font_centered color=”#cc0000″]”If You Want To Crush The Kentucky Derby,
You Need The Kentucky Derby Super Screener”[/headline_cufon_font_centered]

Dear Racing Fan,

After years of ripping-up Kentucky Derby tickets and frustration, I knew there had to be secrets to the Kentucky Derby that could be unlocked.

Starting with a blank piece of paper and a pen, I began an intense analysis of result charts and past performances going back more than 15 years to develop a system I could use – every year – to help me handicap and bet the Kentucky Derby with confidence.

I began to notice patterns amongst winners, board-hitters and longshots – and used these findings to develop a system now known as Kentucky Derby Super Screener.

The Kentucky Derby Super Screener…


  • Shares proven screening system based on years of analysis and results narrows down the field
  • Shows you what’s important – and what’s not – when handicapping the Kentucky Derby and why most “experts” are wrong
  • Reveals the bad favorites – who to use and who to toss
  • Tells you who the pretenders are so you can instantly lower the cost of your wagers
  • Uncovers the live longshots you can use to boost payoffs up to 10x

[/red_arrow_list][testimonial1 author=”Neal O., Mount Prospect, IL”]“The Super Screener put me onto Giacomo in the 2005 Derby.  I would have never considered that 50-1 shot had it not been for the Super Screener”[/testimonial1]

In 2005, the Super Screener caused me to center around both Giacomo and Closing Argument , who together kicked-off an Exacta worth more than $9,000!

[/content_box_75Percent][divider_bar_wide]divider [/divider_bar_wide][content_box_75Percent]Do you find yourself falling for the “rules” popular in the mainstream media? Think again. My research showed me what variables actually count – and which ones don’t – when it comes to finding the next winner of the Derby including…


  • Why the famous rules like “don’t bet on Derby entrants that have never run as a 2-year-old” no longer work but what does instead
  • What it takes for a horse to overcome a bad post (Big Brown won from post 20 as a Super Screener key in 2005)
  • Why the “final prep distance” qualifiers carry little meaning (Charismatic debunked the ‘need a nine furlong prep’ rule in 1999)


I’m not saying these criteria aren’t useful, but if you follow all of these popular rules you’ll miss likely winners such as Big Brown and the longshots who followed him home.

This happens year after year, and now is the time for you to stop ripping and start cashing with your copy of the 2011 Kentucky Derby Super Screener…


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[testimonial1 author=”Clare R., Cincinnati, OH”]“I’m pretty new to horse racing and when I was invited to go to the Derby, I bought your Super Screener to take with me.  You did all the work and made betting the Derby super easy.  I caught the Trifecta for $1,700!”[/testimonial1]

[textbar_50percent_1 background=”#CC0000″]SPECIAL BONUS OFFER #1 – 2012 Pedigree Report[/textbar_50percent_1]

[content_box_50Percent]Can your horse get the distance? Enjoy a horse-by-horse look at all the contenders in the Kentucky Derby from pedigree expert Laurie Ross of Iron Maidens Thoroughbreds. This 25-page book will detail their pedigree, surface and distance capabilities for the Kentucky Derby. Worth $30 – it’s yours FREE when you purchase the Super Screener! (To be released Wed., April 25)[/content_box_50Percent]


[textbar_50percent_1 background=”#CC0000″]SPECIAL BONUS OFFER #2 – Derby Wagering Strategies[/textbar_50percent_1]

[content_box_50Percent]If you order now, I’ll also send you my exact wagering strategies on the Friday before the Kentucky Derby including plays for small and large bankrolls! I will take what the Super Screener criteria says and construct Exacta, Trifecta and Superfecta tickets based on the information. I don’t know how long I’ll offer this bonus (I don’t want to deflate our potentially massive payoffs), so order now![/content_box_50Percent]

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[content_box_75Percent]How much is the Kentucky Derby Super Screener worth? Imagine having access to information that will guide you to the horses most likely to win, hit the board and create those massive payoffs you’re used to. With a little luck, one winning ticket from the Super Screener and it’ll pay for itself… [/content_box_75Percent]

[textbar_50percent_2]Plus, There’s My 100% Satisfaction Guarantee[/textbar_50percent_2]

[content_box_50Percent]If none of the tickets I sent to you on Derby Week hit, I’ll give you my Preakness analysis completely free. Don’t let another big payoff slip away…[/content_box_50Percent]

[hyperlink_large_centered link=”” + target=”_self”]Order Your Copy For Just $34.95![/hyperlink_large_centered]

[headline_cufon_font_centered color=”#cc0000″]”How Did It Do Last Year?
The Super Screener CRUSHED The Derby Hitting 3 Trifecta’s Worth $1,976.20 Each For A 275% ROI…”[/headline_cufon_font_centered]



  • Pegged 20-1 longshot Animal Kingdom in the Top Five!
  • Identified all of the top three finishers within the first seven choices
  • Showcased Shackleford as a “third and fourth place” contender – he ran fourth at big odds
  • Blindly betting each of the recommended trifecta and superfecta tickets would have resulted in a net profit of $3,775!
  • Correctly pegged all of the “toss outs” helping to keep the cost of tickets low, including this Trifecta…


[testimonial1 author=”- Betty N. “]”I followed the instructions in “Super Screener” and just hit a Derby Trifecta. I am ecstatic… Thanks again.”[/testimonial1]

[headline_arial_small_centered color=”#cc0000″]Now If You Want To Crush The 2012 Derby, Then You Need The Kentucky Derby Super Screener…[/headline_arial_small_centered]

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