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Introducing – Super Screener Weekly Picks!

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Just in time for Del Mar (and Saratoga!), the Super Screener announces a NEW edition for weekly stakes plays! We’ve been testing the Super Screener analysis the past few weeks, and now we’re ready to introduce it to you all. As you can see, it’s been a successful trial!

SSWeekly results 7-12-2016 tear sheet

SS Weekly results horse comments 7-12-2016

Get in-depth analysis of the top stakes races each weekend using the proven Super Screener expertise you know from the Triple Crown races.

Every Super Screener Weekly includes:


  • – Horse-by-horse analysis & contender ranking
  • – Key race insights
  • – Identify vulnerable favorites
  • – Zero-in on live longshots
  • – Video replays
  • – Find out which races are worth your time and offer the greatest chance to cash bigĀ  – get the NEW playability score

Also, as you’ve come to expect from our Triple Crown books, you will receive wagering recommendations – Trifectas & Superfectas – using our picks for each race.

On Mondays, we’ll give you a recap of all the action, what worked to cash big and what we might have missed in our analysis, plus the results of our plays.

Don’t miss the Del Mar opening weekend action – two turf races, the Yellow Ribbon and Eddie Read, offer full fields and plenty of value! Also on tap: the Indiana Derby, another huge field of rising three-year-olds that could produce a new star!

Super Screener Weekly is $37 per month – the same as you’d pay for ONE race during the Triple Crown season. You get 4 Super Screeners, featuring at least 3 races each, for the price of one.

Check out the big scores Super Screener Weekly subscribers have already reported, in just our first 2 weeks!

Stephen SMith SSWeekly comment 7-3-2016

Lance Lewis comment 07-11-2016 a

What are you waiting for? Get Super Screener Weekly TODAY!


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